Technical Security Installations Cape Town

Technical Security Installations Cape Town

Mastiff Security has a team of highly skilled and professional security engineers who will fully install and provide training on how to use your chosen system effectively.

We continue to provide support with our tech team by collaborating with our clients and providing preventative maintenance checks and call-outs in order to minimise downtime.

As an independent security company, we have access to a wide range of manufacturers in order to truly recommend the best fit for your needs including bespoke, custom security packages

Electric Fence Installation in Cape Town

At Mastiff Security, our products, expertise and distribution network will ensure you receive the best electric fence for your residential or commercial property. Electric fencing provides safe and secure boundaries for permanent, semi-permanent and temporary applications at a cost lower than most conventional fences.

Our team is equipped to assist you in designing you fence and selecting the best products from our range of Electric Energisers, posts, insulators, wire, tape and accessories.
We also provide several tips and advice for installation and maintenance of your electric fence.


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Garage Motor Installations Cape Town

Mastiff Security offers global standards in helping you automate your existing garage door making life more convenient and secure.
With the press of a button, your garage door will open and you will be safe in the comfort of your garage.

We are able to integrate with most garage door types, including:

Canopy Garage Doors

These normally have rollers running vertically to the doorposts and a large spring across the top of the door.

Steel Roller Garage Doors

Steel Roller garage doors are formed from a single sheet of profiled steel and roll up behind a lintel.

Retractable Garage Doors

Retractable doors usually have large springs on both sides of the door. When fully opened, the door retracts all the way inside the garage.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional or Panel doors are normally made up of several sections that slide up and over the garage.

Outdoor Motion Detectors Cape Town

Mastiff Security Motion detectors and sensors gives you optimal protection of your home. This unit can be positioned discreetly at your desired location in order to keep a watchful eye on your surroundings.

Our motion detectors records any movements in all exterior areas and wirelessly reports it. When integrated as part of your intelligent smart home system, you are reliably providing information about anything that happens on the perimeter of your home.

We design our outdoor motion detectors and sensors to be unobtrusive and discreet. The installation takes place easily and is intuitively configured by our skilled team of security engineers.

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Business & Home CCTV Installations Cape Town

Mastiff Security provides video surveillance, CCTV installation specialists by offering CCTV installations for homes and businesses across Cape Town.
Our CCTV installations feature expert installations by our engineers, remote access on your phone, tablet, PC or MAC. We take pride in our tidy wiring and camera placement wherever possible. Our installation engineers also provide our clients with full training and help in using your new system.

CCTV is a very powerful tool for your home or business in the fight against crime. Not only does it provide a great visual deterrent, footage can be used as evidence against anti-social behaviour, theft, vandalism or burglary saving you thousands in the long run.

Security Services Cape Town

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Whether you need Armed or Unarmed Security Officers for a small business or major corporation, we can meet all your security needs.

Offsite Monitoring

Our control station connects to site’s security or business control systems where skilled professionals will monitor activity on your premises. 

Armed Response

With Mastiff Security’s Armed Response Unit, we won’t just monitor, we respond. . In the event that a breach has occured our highly skilled officers will detain any suspects and contact the police.

Technical Solution

Our range of security services Cape Town includes the latest alarm technology, installations of electrified fencing, garage motors, outdoor motion detectors and CCTV. 

Risk Management

We provide experience, compliance, strategic partnerships and technology to provide a comprehensive range of risk management services that are designed to predict potential risks and threats to you.

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We employ people who are passionate about our clients and our business of delivering safety and security. Our colleagues are valued and skills growth and development is encouraged. 

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