Offsite Monitoring

24/7 Live Off-site Monitoring, Remote Monitoring Cape Town, and Surrounding Areas

Our revolutionary intelligent technology keeps your business and home protected throughout the day and night. Our rapid detection technology enables us to discover incidents early and react immediately. We’re dedicated to providing the very best remote monitoring services. We invest in innovation, ongoing training and cutting-edge technology to make sure we provide 24/7 monitoring with unbeatable reliability, quality and transparency.

What is Live Off-site, remote monitoring services?

The functionality of offsite monitoring: Live video is sent to our control room once the system is triggered by an event. Even though the video is not monitored on a continual live basis, it remains active in the control room and alerts controllers to any event on site.

Following a system trigger, the camera view automatically becomes live in the control room where the activation took place and the appropriate action is taken.

Via strategically placed cameras, we are also able to monitor the guards on site to ensure that they are performing their duties. This monitoring is undetectable ensuring that guards are alert at all times.

Many CCTV installations are ineffective due to lack of adequate monitoring and response to events. Off-site CCTV monitoring provides a solution to this problem. Mastiff offers full time monitoring 24/7 from our Specialised CCTV control room.

What we Offer

We will remotely manage any high-risk or high-security threats from our ultra-modern control panel

Off-Site Monitoring has both commercial and residential capabilities. Monitoring a current system is possible. It may require system upgrades but integrated successfully in most cases. Alternatively, a strategically planned system could be installed. Once the CCTV system is live, monitoring is immediate. Both monthly or annual contracts are available.

24-hour monitoring

The control room operated 24/7 with the appropriate back up facilities in place to ensure uninterrupted surveillance

Daily reporting

A daily summary of events is recorded and emailed

Smart Detection:

Program design allowing for predetermined virtual barriers and suspicious behaviours to trigger alarms

Crime prevention

by observing suspicious behaviour and in turn alerting the relevant reaction companies criminal activity can be deterred

Smart technology

System response at control room level allowing for multiple camera surveillance simultaneously

Smart Phone capabilities

App technology providing you the capabilities to personally observe all of your monitored cameras

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Off-site CCTV and alarm monitoring in Cape Town

Mastiff Security’s off-site CCTV and alarm monitoring service tailored to your individual needs. Our integrated monitoring platform allows us to manage security threats and alerts generated by various security devices and technology working in unison. These include alarm systems, smoke and fire detection, access control, video monitoring and GPS. Combining these devices with a your CCTV system transforms an otherwise static post-event verification system into an interactive, real-time loss prevention tool that is monitored off-site.

Access Control & Building Management Systems in Cape Town

By bringing together all our services, including camera monitoring as well as the ability to transmit and receive audio between our control room and our clients’ sites, control of on-site lighting and gates, we are able to offer our clients effective access control.


Perimeter Protection in Cape Town

Patrols of selected cameras can be programmed into our system and scheduled to be presented to our operators at the times you specify. This ensures the right cameras are checked, in the right sequence, at the right time, and for the right length of time.

Remote Surveillance Solutions in Cape Town

Mastiff Security can monitor particular cameras on request, should you require any ad-hoc checks on your property or employees. Call in and we will provide visual confirmation of what is happening on-site.

Mastiff security completely revolutionised our building management systems

By using our CCTV system and incorporating various other services, they provide real-time loss prevention tools that is reliably monitored off-site.

Paul Dylan, CEO, Dynamic Marketing PTY Ltd

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Security Services Cape Town

our services


Whether you need Armed or Unarmed Security Officers for a small business or major corporation, we can meet all your security needs.

Offsite Monitoring

Our control station connects to site’s security or business control systems where skilled professionals will monitor activity on your premises. 

Armed Response

With Mastiff Security’s Armed Response Unit, we won’t just monitor, we respond. . In the event that a breach has occured our highly skilled officers will detain any suspects and contact the police.

Technical Solution

Our range of security services Cape Town includes the latest alarm technology, installations of electrified fencing, garage motors, outdoor motion detectors and CCTV. 

Risk Management

We provide experience, compliance, strategic partnerships and technology to provide a comprehensive range of risk management services that are designed to predict potential risks and threats to you.

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We employ people who are passionate about our clients and our business of delivering safety and security. Our colleagues are valued and skills growth and development is encouraged. 

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