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We have a team of highly trained and skilled officers, using the latest technology to ensure your safety at all times. Our armed response vehicles (ARV) are installed with navigation systems linked to our 24-hour control room. Our advanced auto dispatch technology ensures that the closest unit on call can respond to your signal in the shortest possible times. We continue to invest the best resources to ensure your safety and take a proactive stance on crime by maintaining visibility and vigilance in all areas of operation With Mastiff Security’s Armed Response Cape Town, we won’t just monitor, we respond. Once an alarm is activated, we will dispatch one of our highly skilled armed officers who will ensure your safety by inspecting the perimeter of your premises to ensure that no intrusion has occurred. In the event that a breach has occurred our highly skilled officers will detain any suspects and contact the police. We link your alarm to our control room via phones lines and radio transmitters. The Armed Response unit patrols specific areas to ensure the fastest possible response. Armed Response Cape Town units / guards are here to protect you. They are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year , offering you around-the-clock total peace of mind.

What we Offer

Our Mastiff Security Armed Response Cape Town team uses our own licensed, bonded and experienced technicians to install and service both residential and commercial alarm systems We never use subcontractors which means that throughout any point of contact with Mastiff Security, you can be assured that the service you are receiving has one point of contact. If you have an existing alarm system, we will use as much of your current system as possible by simply reprogramming it to connect to our monitoring and dispatch control station. If you don’t have an existing or functional alarm system, we will recommend and quote a system that is attuned to your needs during our security and risk analysis of your home or business.

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Your alarm is activated and the signal is sent to Mastiff Security via telephone and / or radio.


Mastiff Security Armed Response will then verify the signal and your password by contacting you on your home phone number.


If there is no answer / an incorrect password or hesitation with imparting the correct password, a response vehicle will be dispatched.


The response officer will inspect the premises for any signs of forced entry and then feed back to our control room. If there are no visible signs of attempted burglary or suspicious circumstances, the response officer will leave a ‘drop slip’ containing the full details of the call out and leave the premises.

panic signal

help is on

the way


If you have pushed your panic button all available response vehicles are dispatched to your residence immediately, following which, our control room with attempt to contact you.


The above procedure applies to all panic activations including fire and medical.

duress SIGNAL




In this situation, you may have been followed into your residence by an intruder and ordered to deactivate your alarm.


You will have a special alarm code to enter that will alert Mastiff Security  that you are under duress.


The special code will deactivate your alarm as if it was your normal code but our control room  will be alerted of your situation and all response vehicles will be dispatched immediately. We will not attempt to contact you in this situation.

Cape Town Intruder Alarm Systems, Burglar Alarms Cape Town

Mastiff Security’s Intruder Alarm Systems and Burglar Alarms are both easy to use, quick to fit and attractive. We use only the latest technology to ensure maximum effectiveness. Featuring a host of patented technologies, Mastiff Security Alarm systems include all the components needed to install small, large-scale and bespoke projects. Our systems are perfect for both residential and commercial use, ensuring that your home or business is protected at all times.  

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Wireless and Radio Panic Alarms, Personal Attack Alarms, Call Aid Alarms, Duress Alarms in Cape Town

Mastiff Security offers a comprehensive range of alarm systems that come complete with a panic alarm designed to meet your needs. Panic alarm systems are integrated with your intruder alarms, and one should never be substituted for the other. Our wall mounted panic alarm units are easy to install and operate.  

Some features include:

  • Easy display
  • Supports various alert levels with different messages and tones
  • Calls can be disabled from the source of a panel
  • Mute buttons for silencing an alert when the threat is stabilized.

Security Services Cape Town

our services


Whether you need Armed or Unarmed Security Officers for a small business or major corporation, we can meet all your security needs.

Offsite Monitoring

Our control station connects to site’s security or business control systems where skilled professionals will monitor activity on your premises.

Armed Response

With Mastiff Security’s Armed Response Unit, we won’t just monitor, we respond. . In the event that a breach has occured our highly skilled officers will detain any suspects and contact the police.

Technical Solution

Our range of security services Cape Town includes the latest alarm technology, installations of electrified fencing, garage motors, outdoor motion detectors and CCTV.

Risk Management

We provide experience, compliance, strategic partnerships and technology to provide a comprehensive range of risk management services that are designed to predict potential risks and threats to you.

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We employ people who are passionate about our clients and our business of delivering safety and security. Our colleagues are valued and skills growth and development is encouraged.

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